Services Offered

  • Document Imaging & Scanning
    We prepare your documents for scanning (removing staples, pins, etc.). Scan the document converting them into digital formats and provides them in CD/DVD, Portable Hard-Drive or online for quick retrieval
  • Optical Character Recognition 
    We can perform OCR at near 100% accuracy with our state-of-the-art OCR software that uses latest technology for the most accuracy.
  • PDF Conversion 
    We can convert any paper or electronic document into the PDF format.  For paper documents we can also incorporate the OCR with the image. We also can bookmark the documents, create links, and cleanup the PDFs. 
  • Indexing / Cataloging 
    Search for your documents with as many criteria as you wish can work. We can advise you on creating easy to use and searchable databases. Using index fields along with powerful OCR engines allows you to locate the documents you are looking for even down to the exact word.
  • On-Site Service 
    We do most of our service at our secure production facility, but we can also bring our equipment and employees to your location, and perform the job onsite.